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The power cords of the Classic series were introduced several years ago. Since then, they have enjoyed unwavering popularity among beginner audiophiles. At present we offer their 4th generation, the result of many years of experience in power cords design. The design of the Classic Series cables is based on a combination of pure copper and silver-plated copper, in different proportions and different cross-sections depending on the model.


Red R4

Due to the effective cross-section of conductors based on a stranded design and a combination of pure and silver-plated copper in a ratio of 1:1, we recommend the cable for sources and amplifiers with relatively low current consumption.


Blue R4

In this cable, the design has been expanded with additional conductors, effectively enlarging the cross-section, which makes the cable suitable for a variety of applications. The Blue R4 is the most universal product in the Classic series, designed to power both sound sources and amplifiers.


Violett R4

This cable is designed for audio components that require high power consumption such as power amplifiers. Thanks to the largest cross-section of the conductors in the Classic series, the Violett R4 guarantees unrestricted power supply.

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