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The ENRR ZERO Power Box is the most advanced solution for high end audio systems, incorporating all the original technologies such as ZITech, N-Matrix and N-Ground.


Dual filtration ensures separation of grid interference from different components of the audio path. The conditioner system includes an N-Matrix network filter unit. Their induction modules consisting of a dozen or so low-loss nanocrystalline cores are supported by capacitive modules based on military grade paper-in-oil capacitors. Optimisation of the filters' operation made it possible to extend the suppression of grid interference into higher frequencies, reaching several hundred megahertz.


The ENERR ZERO Power Box contains a DC filtration system with a capacity of 50A. To build the DC blocker Vail, we used Mundorf M-Litic electrolytic capacitors and parametrically oversized semiconductor components. The system designed in this way ensures the highest capacity and excellent impulse response, freeing the transformer supply paths from the degrading influence of the DC component. For ground filtration we used a nanocrystalline N-Ground filter. The internal wiring is made of solid core OFC6N copper with an effective cross-section ensuring nominal current capacity of 40A.


The IEC C20 inlet features massive contacts made of high-conductivity ETP copper, without any electroplating.


The entire filtration system is based on ZITech technology and does not include soldering points OR contact connections, providing a low-impedance power transition.


The IEC C20 inlet has massive contacts made of high-conductivity ETP copper, not covered by any galvanizer.


The aluminium VCB (Vibra Controled Box) is an integral part of the filtering system; all its elements are grounded and damped with bitumen.

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