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In the Espera series cables we used OFC6N pure copper conductors, terminated with ETP pure copper plugs, first plated with silver and then with gold. The geometry of the cables and insulating materials are inspired by our top-of-the-line Transcenda series designs.


Espera Light

With regard to the effective cross-section of conductors based on the dual litz design, we recommend the cable to power sources and other audio components with relatively low current consumption.


Espera Ultra

The triple litz design effectively enlarges the cross-section of the conductors, making the cable suitable for a variety of applications in the audio system. The Ultra is the most universal product designed to power both integrated amplifiers and sound sources.


Espera Supreme

The cable is designed for audio components with higher power consumption, such as power amplifiers and large integrated amplifiers. Thanks to its effective cross-section, it guarantees unlimited power supply.

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