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The underlying characteristic of the TRANSCENDA power supply cables is their is 100% conductivity. In their design, we used OFC6N pure copper conductors terminated with ETP pure copper plugs. Cables designed in this way allow us to maintain the native dynamics of the power supply available from power outlets. Unrestricted power supply transfer is also attributed to the sophisticated geometry of the conductors themselves. All the cables of the Transcenda series use sound-optimised, high purity insulation materials.


Transenda Light

With regard to the effective cross-section of conductors based on the dual litz design, we recommend the cable to power sources and other audio components with relatively low current consumption.


Transcenda Ultra

The triple litz design effectively enlarges the cross-section of the conductors, allowing the cable to be used in many areas of the audio system. Ultra is the most universal product designed to power both integrated amplifiers and sound sources.


Transcenda Supreme

The quarda litz design is optimised for audio components with high power consumption, such as power amplifiers and large integrated amplifiers. Thanks to its effective cross-section, it guarantees unlimited power supply.


Transcenda Ultimate

The most advanced hepta helical litz design for the most current-intensive audio system components. The Ultimate model has a universal application, in every place of the audio system giving unlimited power supply and reference sound effects. For maximum electrostatic and mechanical stability, the Transcenda Ultimate employs the propriety Star Dust Compound damping.


Transcenda ultimate source

The ultimate cable version optimised in terms of design for power sources and high end preamplifiers.

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