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ZERO Compact


ENERR power distributors are another element in the power supply path to minimize power line interferences while maintaining current efficiency of the grid. Thanks to our unique ZITech (Zero Impedance Technology) solution, we build devices which not only ensure effective filtration of interferences but at the same time are able to deliver any current impulses without limiting the potential of the audio system.


The ZERO Compact power distributor is a solution for hi-end audio systems.  The design features a highly efficient RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) filter based on sophisticated components - nanocrystalline cores and anti-interference paper-in-oil capacitors of military grade. For ground filtration we used a nanocrystalline N-Ground filter. The internal wiring is made of high-purity OFC6N solid core copper with an effective cross-section enabling a nominal current capacity of 40A. The IEC C20 inlet features massive contacts made of high-conductivity ETP copper, without any electroplating.


The entire filtration system is based on ZITech technology and does not include soldering points OR contact connections, providing a low-impedance power transition.


The ENERR ZERO DCB power distributor features an additional DC filter with a current capacity of 50A. In the design of the DC blocker Vail, we employed Mundorf M-Litic electrolytic capacitors and parametrically oversized semiconductor components. The system prepared in such a way ensures high capacity and excellent impulse response, freeing the transformer supply paths from the degrading influence of the DC component.


The ENERR ZERO Compact DCB power distributor comes with 4 or 6 sockets.

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